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Fully handmade retro purses and modern quilts
to keep you and your money as comfy as possible.


Modern quilts full of love and happiness handmade by Octopurse


The cutest fully handmade retro purses to make you and your coins happier


Purses sent everywhere in the world

Years of sewing experience



Handmade with love

Satisfied customers



Average rating on our EtsyShop



Do you like handmade and local items? Even more when they're filled with love? Are you fond of vivid colors and patterns and would like to put some pizzazz in your everyday life?

Adopt one of our quilts, unique and exclusive pieces guaranteed to put a smile on your  face.

Get to know our quilts

Do you wish to spend your nights snug as a bug in a warm and cozy atmosphere while still staying classy? Adopt one of our fully handmade quilts, crafted with love and patience. They are completely unique. Fully handcrafted from the first to the last step, they will match your home perfectly, will spread peps and color in it, with a little kitch touch – all in good taste of course.
Ps: it also works for your couch, for one heck of a nap.

Or maybe you have nice empty walls and wish to spruce up your interior. Display your beautiful handmade patchwork blanket. 100% unique, 100% original and modern, layed out into graphic and colorful styles that can only make a good impression on your guests. Plus, they'll reduce any echo in the room, creating a soft and subtle atmosphere.


Are you on a budget but wish to make (yourself) a gift? Wanna impress your friends or put some color and cuteness in your life, your bag, or your friends'? Don't wait any longer and discover our large purse assortment!


Learn about our purses

Do you have change to carry around and wish to keep it happy and comfortable for it to want to stay in as long as possible (or even reproduce? Wishful thinking!). Test one or our handmade purses out like our 8000 happy customers, it's a life changer!

We've got them in every shape, color and size, from handbags to keychains, and for every budget. You can even ask me to customize your purse with matching exterior and interior fabrics: I'll always be more than happy to make it for you.

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